Kitesurf Cruise F-One: Saint Martin, Anguilla, Tintamarre and Saint Barth

Kitesurf Cruise F-One: Saint Martin, Anguilla, Tintamarre and Saint Barth

Take advantage of the island of Saint Martin and its surroundings for numerous kitesurfing sessions in some of the most beautiful spots in the Antilles. The trade winds are constant 18 to 25 knots from November to July. You can enjoy beautiful places all around the islands of Saint Martin, Tintamarre, Anguilla and Saint Barthelemy. Its beaches, lagoons, spots open to all levels and its quality of life will amaze you during your stay!

The island of Saint Martin will offer you very diverse spots. The sailing trips are short-lived and will allow you to visit inaccessible islands like Tintamarre or Preakly Pears in Anguilla. You can sail alone or with your friends in these unique places in the world.

The great feature of Saint Martin, Anguilla, Tintamarre and Saint Barthélémy is that these islands are very close. You can follow kitesurfing sessions, during your catamaran cruise, throughout the day on several different spots!

Level: beginner to expert

Our cruises are available for beginners, advanced levels and experts. If you would like to have a qualified kitesurf instructor on board your cruising catamaran, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The kitesurf spots of saint martins are very accessible. Takeoffs are mostly carried out directly from the beach. The different spots that you can visit are accessible to both beginners and experts.

For example, we have put together a superb kitesurf cruise for you at the best spots in Saint Martin, Anguilla, Tintamarre and Saint Barthelemy. It can be modified according to your wishes and expectations, do not hesitate to contact us.


The day of your arrival, after a refreshing drink, we drop the moorings towards the ORIENT BAY spot for a first navigation the next day. This spot is very close to your starting point and allows you to do a first kitesurf session very quickly. Aperitif, dinner on board and a beautiful night of recovery after your flight!


The ORIENT BAY kite spot is located on the Atlantic side of St Martin. This spot, over 4 km long, offers an exceptional distance for all freeriders, freestylers and foilers. The spot is flat for most places with turquoise, shallow water. With a more sustained trade wind, you can quickly find some jump ramps. This spot is excellent for all levels. Freestylers, freeriders, foilers and beginners will love it for its safety and ideal conditions.


Located not far from ORIENTE BAY, this spot offers you an ideal lagoon for all levels. The water is translucent. You can enjoy this navigation with Turtles and multicolored tropical fish. For the more experienced, you will love to quickly fill the waves offered by the lagoon and make some jumps …


If you want to enjoy the island of Saint BARTHELEMY, you can ride on the spot of the great Gallion. This island is surrounded by a large lagoon and white sand beaches. Ideal for spending a few festive evenings, this green island is not the favorite for kitesurfing. Its spot will offer you a lighter wind and flat sailing conditions.


The mythical spot of the Island, the GALLION will offer you a multitude of possibilities for all levels.

There you will find a small, very quiet beach on the bay with a translucent and shallow lagoon. This bay is very safe for beginners and freeriders of all levels.

On the other side of the spot, you can access a reef which will allow you to have fun in easy waves. For the best as for the beginners on this support, these waves will make you appreciate another style of navigation! it’s time to try strapless !!!

The GALLION spot is extremely versatile and will offer you perfect conditions, suitable for everyone, for several days.

You will also like its bars, restaurants and its board sports atmosphere !!


This small island will offer you a magnificent lagoon. Freestyles, beginners and foilers will love it. You can also access and enjoy the waves which is located at the bottom of this lagoon. This wave spot is very accessible and will allow you to sail all day long in the best conditions! The spot on the island of Tintamarre is very little frequented and will make you enjoy a very privileged day of kiting !!

If you wish to discover the terrestrial side, this very preserved island is definitely worth the detour.


On the island of Anguilla, north of the island of Saint Martin, you will find many beaches offering a wide variety of kitesurf spots. Depending on the conditions and the strength of the wind, you can enjoy this very quiet place with sumptuous landscapes. The island of Anguilla will offer you kitesurf spots for all levels and all types of practice in a very small area.

Takeoff from the beach, evolution in flat and shallow water. The island of Anguilla is the kite spot for young and old 😊


It is one of the only spots on the west coast of the island. You can enjoy this bay with sumptuous colors as soon as the wind is from the northeast. Freeriders and foilers will love it but the wind conditions are rarer than on the other spots. Anchoring only catamaran


After all these good kitesurfing sessions and these discoveries, we will disembark at the port of Marigot with images of this adventure full of head. But don’t worry, you will come back!