Kitesurf Cruise F-One: Grenadines and Tobagos Cays

Kitesurf Cruise F-One: Grenadines and Tobagos Cays

Summary :

Departing from Martinique or Saint Lucia, sail towards the Grenadines and the best kitesurf spots in all the Caribbean. Regular wind, warm and translucent water, you will enjoy the perfect conditions in the best kitesurf spots to practice safely on paradise islands and in the most beautiful lagoons.

On the way, we will show you the most beautiful places in Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Mayreau, Frigate, Union, Happy Island, Tobagos Cays and much more.

Embark on a dream and comfortable kitesurf cruise; the shallow draft of our cruising catamarans will allow you to take the most beautiful moorings, in very calm waters and close to the beach.

For example, all our cruises are completely adaptable according to your desires and your projects! Feel free to contact us.

Level: beginner to expert

Our cruises are available for beginners, advanced levels and experts. If you would like to have a qualified kitesurf instructor on board your cruising catamaran, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The kitesurf spots on the Grenadines are very accessible. Takeoffs are mostly carried out directly from the beach. The different spots that you can visit are accessible to both beginners and experts.

This cruise is for example, it can be modified according to your wishes and expectations, do not hesitate to contact us.

Le Marin – Sainte-Anne

As soon as you leave the airport, you will board and discover the cruising catamaran and its crew over a refreshing drink, then head towards Sainte-Anne for a first swim with the aim of gauging the temperature of the water. The boat will be able to sail towards Union Island and the gems of kitesurfing.

Union Island, Happy Island and palm Island

In the morning, we will arrive on Union Island. You can enjoy an excellent kitesurf spot in turquoise colors. Protected by a coral reef, the body of water is flat and shallow, suitable for all types of practitioners. After taking off from the beach, The freestylers will have a great time and the most beginners will be able to progress in ideal conditions with a very stable wind.

You can also discover the wave of Palm Island. A fun wave, accessible to everyone, 5 minutes from the lagoon kitesurf. This wave is ideal to take advantage of all supports during the day!

The discovery of the island is superb and do not hesitate to have a drink in one of its many rasta bars or go to the island of Happy Island directly in the annex.

For those who wish, you can make a down-wind to the Frégate spot. You will be able to operate safely alongside the catamaran and enjoy extraordinary freedom.

Frigate Spot

On the Frégate Spot you will find a kitesurf spot ideal for spending the whole day in the water. With a departure from the beach, the kitesurfing conditions are perfect for riding safely. The regular wind will let you discover an ideal kitesurf spot for all levels. For those who wish, this spot is very suitable for the practice of kite foil and strapless!

The Tobagos Cays Islands and Morpion Island

Before entering the Tobagos Cays archipelago, you will be able to discover the island of Morpion. A particularly ideal place to dive. You will see many different species in the background. There you will enjoy a small bar surrounded by a coral reef … magnificent!

The most beautiful islands of the Grenadines: the Tobago Cays. These wild islands are surrounded by crystal clear water where many turtles and exotic fish live. Turquoise atmosphere and coral reefs.

You can take advantage of this ideal setting to navigate and take the time to live. A snorkeling session (equipment on board) seems essential to discover the richness of what is below the surface: Manta ray, tortes, multicolored fish … etc watch your eyes !!

The kitesurf spot is perfect: regular wind, shallow water, possible departure from the beach and safe navigation.

In the evening, the anchorage between these islands is very calm and offers a superb landscape; it is perfect for a dinner by the lagoon. Local fishermen will be there to offer you fresh fish or lobsters!

The island and the spots of Mayreau

On the island of Mayreau, you can anchor the catamaran in a small sheltered cove. A few meters from your anchorage and separated by a tongue of sand, a magnificent kitesurf spot !!

If you come directly from the Grenadines, the autonomous riders will be able to take advantage of this to make one of the best down wind of all the islands.

Mayreau Beach is perhaps the most beautiful beach in the Grenadines. Very easy to navigate and spot will offer you a good flat area as well as an area of ​​small and medium waves. Surfers also get into the water.

Take off from the wings of the beach safely, you will find everything you will need in terms of gliding conditions. After the kitesurfing sessions, do not hesitate to take advantage of the island to have a drink in one of its bars with such a special atmosphere. This island will offer you a particularly warm atmosphere.

Bequia Island

During your ascent, once your need for kitesurfing is satisfied, you can make a pass on the island of Bequia! A beautiful place, which unfortunately does not have kitesurf spots but a very beautiful village with a very good atmosphere. The island will show you a very wild side with dense forest and many waterfalls. If you want to make a land visit during your trip, this island is very beautiful.

After all these discoveries, in a few hours, your catamaran will be back on the island of Martinique at the sailor’s port. We can organize your disembarkation and if you wish, your return to the airport of your choice.