Kitesurf Cruise F-One: Antigua and Barbuda

Kitesurf Cruise F-One: Antigua and Barbuda

We offer you a magnificent kitesurf cruise departing from Guadeloupe and heading for Antigua and Barbuda.

On the way to Antigua and Barbuda, you will discover the most beautiful places and the most beautiful kitesurf spots. These wild islands will surely make you enjoy the kite conditions which are perfect from November to July. The sand lagoons as well as the turquoise lagoons are considered to be the most beautiful and the best kitesurf spots in the Antilles. To all lovers of board sports, this cruise is for you !!

In addition to your incredible kite sessions, you can enjoy various activities such as discovering the underwater flora and fauna and going on superb kayak or stand-up paddle hikes. A simply magnificent cruise that will appeal to kitesurfers and non-practitioners alike!

Level : beginner and experts

Our cruises are available for beginners, advanced levels and experts. If you would like to have a qualified kitesurf instructor on board your cruising catamaran, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kitesurf spots on the islands of Antigua and Barbuda are very accessible. Takeoffs are carried out directly from the beach. The different spots that you can visit are accessible to beginners and experts.

This cruise is given as an example, it can be modified according to your wishes and expectations, do not hesitate to contact us.

Your kite cruise in the Antilles at the forefront of the spots!

Sail between Guadeloupe and Antigua

Departure from Guadeloupe from the port of Deshaies in the north. You can leave the same evening for a night cruise to Antigua. When you wake up, you are captivated by the beauty of the place, the colors of the water, the islands and its landscape.

Antigua Island, the perfection of the Caribbean

Magnificent beaches, among the most beautiful in the Antilles, make Antigua an ultimate kitesurf and family destination. White and powdery like snow, its beaches are bathed by turquoise waters whose intensity is barely believable, like a tropical cocktail!

It’s the best time for the first session, away from everyone!

First kite navigation: the lagoon of Green Island, very well known in the kitesurfing world! It is a huge green lagoon with transparent water, well sheltered from the swell, ideal for enjoying the wind all day if you wish! This lagoon will offer you a very beautiful playground with very flat water and a shallow spot for all levels of kite!

An outing on this paradise island for the bravest before dinner on board the catamaran in a paradisiac, calm and sheltered place. You spend the next day on this same lagoon; this navigation is so beautiful and pleasant that it is better to do it again! You can also put your foot down to find some lobsters to grill! These days on the outskirts of this island will allow you to visit and enjoy one of the wildest and most beautiful islands in the Caribbean.

Also discover the Jabberwok Beach spot. Very nice kitesurf spot north of Antigua. A long white sand beach for all levels of navigation and in very high security. For those who practice Foil or long distance, you can sail along this large beach passing passing downwind of Longue Island. You can sail in the turquoise waters to North Beach or Guiana Island. The landscape and the beauty of the spot will be there!

Discover the fabulous island of Barbuda

Direction the sumptuous Barbuda Islands. You can kite on the Coco Point spot! This spot is ultra wild and beautiful! A large sandy lagoon as far as the eye can see with little bottom and translucent water. This spot is the best known spot on Barbuda Island for the quality of its navigation and the landscape it offers. A navigation you will never tire of !!

During the evenings, make room for a visit to the island: a desert paradise and white sandy beaches where you won’t meet anyone. On the entire coast of the island you will find many spots for safe kiting!

Along the windward coast of the island, you will also be able to discover many waves with accesses from the beach for kitesurfing, surfing or stand up paddle!

In the north of the island, enjoy the extraordinary spot of Billy point. A perfectly sheltered and shallow lagoon for very accessible navigation. This large lagoon will provide you with a large dish area with shallow water. At the end of the lagoon, you can find beautiful little waves for all levels !!