Grenadines cruise: 10 days in paradise

Grenadines cruise: 10 days in paradise

Enjoy the best moorings during your catamaran cruise!

We have put together a suggestion for a Grenadines cruise passing by the best moorings in the archipelago with a few stops in Sainte Lucia and Saint Vincent which are on the route if you are leaving from Martinique. You will discover paradise on Earth and will certainly never want to leave this dream location.

With Mot & Vil you are in control of your cruise. You can change your itinerary at any time, stay longer in a place you like, choose the order in which you want to discover these wonderful Caribbean landscapes and of course add the anchorages you want to know.

Note: if you want a hostess / cook on board, this is quite possible. Please let us know in your request.

Saint Anne

Welcome aboard !

The day of your arrival, after a refreshing drink, we will head for Sainte-Anne for a first evening, the opportunity to get to know your crew on one of the most beautiful beaches in Martinque. After dinner, we will weigh anchor for night sailing in the Caribbean Sea.

You will be able to discover night navigation passing downwind of the islands of Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent. For this journey, we have chosen to take you along these islands passing downwind so that your navigation is calm and extremely peaceful. You can enjoy a restful night in a spacious and comfortable catamaran.

Bequia (early morning arrival)

You get up in Bequia (pronounced Békwé)! During breakfast, your Captain will take care of the formalities for you to enter the territory of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Famous for the beautiful Admiralty Bay, the island has beautiful beaches like steep rocky coasts.

The city of Port Elisabeth allows you to find a very good local animation, warm and festive! On the tour side, you can discover the village of Hamilton and its colorful barracks or the whalers museum in the south of the island. You will be amazed by the dense forest and abundant vegetation. This island is an exceptional playground!

croisiere grenadines

Tobago Cays and Petit Tabac Archipelago

After two hours of sailing in the morning, our catamaran cruise continues to the Tobago Cays. The Tobagos Cays are made up of small uninhabited islets and linked together by a coral reef. The last island is separated from the others by a reef. The moorings in these islands are very well protected. You will have a very pleasant time in this place which has the reputation of being the most beautiful place in the Caribbean. In this archipelago, the water is shallow (2 to 4 m).

You will discover incredible shades of blue and especially very hot water (around 30 ° C). The white sand beaches, the coconut palms and the seabed sheltering the most beautiful coral reef of the Antilles make it a little paradise on earth. The Tobago Cays are highly valued for the beauty of land landscapes and the seabed. You can take advantage of all the on-board equipment to discover it. The night will be spent at anchor in this dream setting.

Be sure to take a detour to Petit-Tabac. This tiny, deserted island north of the Tobago Cays will not amaze you with its charm and make you feel like you are alone in the world.


After a morning swim in the crystal clear waters of the Tobago Cays and breakfast, we will sail 1h / 1h30 to the Island of Mayreau. The Mayreau Island is a small island with a very authentic atmosphere. Here no car, no road.

You will be able to enjoy magnificent white sand beaches, probably the most beautiful of all the Caribbean. Perfectly white lagoons that you can reach on foot only. You will discover a local Rasta atmosphere which will immerse you fully in the Caribbean. The typical and lively port village of Clifton is very popular with boaters. Its small shops and market are located on the main street.

Union Island and Frigate

Union Island was developed by British settlers in the 18th century and was quickly abandoned later. It was not until the early 1960s that tourism developed again on the island.

Be sure to visit the village of Clifton where you can enjoy the local colors and flavors. You can also find very good restaurants that will allow you to discover the local seafood. After visiting Clifton, we will set sail for Frigate Island. This massive rock shelters Ashton Bay. A superb overnight stop where you can also do snorkelling in a calm and fabulous environment.


Originally, Mosquito was only inhabited by a few fishermen. Until the day this small island was taken over by promoter Colin Tennant, a wealthy British gentleman. Thanks to his aristocratic relations, he convinced eminent celebrities to build luxurious residences there at the end of the 1960s. This island is now called “the island of the billionaires”.

A stop at Brittany Bay will allow you to visit this wonderful place and discover the Basil’s Bar by the water. It is a famous meeting point for all visitors who come to taste the grilled local lobster. The evening is often supplemented by a pleasant musical atmosphere.

Cumberland (St Vincent)

After breakfast, we set sail for a navigation of about 3 hours towards the big Island of Saint-Vincent which we will reach for lunch time. On arrival, you will discover the pretty Cumberland Sound, bordered by coconut palms and white sand. In the afternoon, you can enjoy the beach or visit the island. The Dark View Falls waterfalls are easily accessible on foot, you will cross the river by a suspension bridge. The setting is incredible, the vegetation more than lush, we believe at the end of the world! Night at anchor on the outskirts of Saint Vincent.

croisiere grenadines

Anse Cochon (Saint Lucia)

Passing on the outskirts of Saint Lucia, we can stop at the Pig Cove. Offering clear waters with some of the best diving and snorkeling sites on the island, Anse Cochon is a secluded bay ideal for relaxing; this perfectly calm bay will allow you to enjoy magnificent underwater landscapes. Take advantage of the kayaks and stand-up paddle to go for a walk around the bay and find the best diving spots.

In the evening, we will set sail for Sainte Anne in order to prepare for the return to earthly life. This will be our last navigation towards Martinique

Disembarking at the Marin

The next morning, after a good breakfast, it will be time to do the last miles that still separate us from the Sailor. The disembarkation will take place in the middle of the morning.