Lagoon 450 F | 4 Cabines

Lagoon 450 F: elegance, quality and luxury

The Lagoon 450 F is a latest generation cruising catamaran with a remarkable design. Bestseller, this multi-hull offers elegant look, reflecting the demand for quality and luxury.

Stability, maneuverability, speed and comfort are her strong points. The trademark of the manufacturer Lagoon, the raised helm station offers a privileged point of view with ever more security. With an interior volume as well studied, it is clear that the manufacturer has put the accent on comfort and reception so that this 450F model can clearly exceed the versions of previous cruising catamarans.

With an attractive and comfortable interior atmosphere, large cabins with private bathrooms, the lagoon 450 will make you make the most of every moment in order to make your catamaran cruise an ideal moment.

All our boats offer in addition to standard equipment, very complete options. Enjoy maximum comfort and total autonomy

The Mot & Vil comfort standard

In addition to a standard equipment, all our yachts have very complete set of options.

Take advantage of a maximum of comfort and full autonomy:

Comfort and entertainment:

  • Air conditioner
  • Stand up paddle
  • Double kayak
  • Snorkeling equipment for everyone
  • Fishing equipment
  • Sun bathing
  • USB, MP3 and Bluetooth sound system with indoor and outdoor speakers


  • Solar battery charging system
  • 220V sockets accessible at all times
  • Fresh water at will and without interruption (Between 800 and 1000 liters + 200 liters / hour desalinator)
  • Very comfortable rigid bottom dinghy with powerful overboard engine
  • Fully equipped kitchen